Lara Perrett

What is not to love about crystals, naturally produced by mother earth.  Full of energy, each vibrating at a different frequency ready to help you with your own energy fields. 


“Energy is in Everything and Everywhere”

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Hello I’m Lara,

I am a certified and insured Crystal Healer, qualified for more than 21 years to practice crystal healing. 


I take my role as a Crystal Healer very seriously; I am a scientist by heart and in my Profession, so the geology and formation of Crystals is a special passion of mine.


Me, As A Person ...

In addition to my Crystal Healing, I practice Spiritualism and have begun to work as a Medium and Psychic. Therefore, I always ask my clients “Should I receive a message during treatment are you happy for me to share that message?”.  

 My interest in this area continues to grow as I enjoy bringing comfort to the living with messages I am able to share.

I also enjoy reading, crystal shopping, swimming and caravanning.

I also run a wide variety of courses and workshops. 


The Workshops last approximately 2.5 hours.

Feel free to give me a call here Tel: 07788 141515

My Email address is:



In addition to healing sessions, I run a wide variety of courses and workshops. 


The Workshops last approximately 2.5 hours.

Using a Pendulum

Learn how to use a Pendulum. Includes a free Pendulum of your choice.  2.5 Hours   £25

How to cleanse your crystals

Learn many different ways to cleanse your crystals and understand why it is important to do so.  2.5 Hours.  £25

Moon Cycles

Find out about Moon Cycles and rituals you can do to help achieve your goals and keep positivity in your life.  2.5 Hours.  £25

Make you own Gem Elixir

Gem elixirs are perfect for ailments or enhancing a certain type of vibration into your life.  2.5 Hours.  £25

Why you need crystals in your life

Are you drawn to Crystals? Want to know how people use crystals?  2.5 Hours.  £25

Aura Cleansing

Learn what is an Aura and how to cleanse your own Aura to promote light and positivity in your life.  2.5 Hours.  £25

Connect to your Spirit Guides

We all have Spirit Guides – learn how to connect to yours.

2.5 Hours.  £25

Essentials of Crystals

Learn it all in 1 day:-

Understand the vibration of crystals, why they’re used for healing, shakras, subtle bodies, grounding, Aura cleansing, using a Pendulum and getting started.  1 day   £99



CALL: 07788 141515


Prices for Crystal healing

15 min  FREE

Crystal Healing
1 hour. £30

Multiple Sessions - Crystal Healing
3 sessions  £75

Also Crystal Healing Course

(5 days) – Become your own crystal healer.


Please call to discuss dates


Lara Perrett

'Online' Workshops/Courses during Covid.


* Learn how to use a pendulum (includes a pendulum of your      choice, free p&p, literature and 30 minutes zoom/teams              tuition learning how to use your pendulum) £15


* Feeling a little run down, struggling to feel present? Learn          how to clear your own aura/energy field - includes 30 minutes    zoom/teams tuition  £15


* Are you sensing any unwanted energy around you or in your    home?  Learn how to cleanse your own energy field, those          that you love and your home  - includes 60 minutes                    zoom/teams tuition £30


* Lets chat about the science behind using crystals for healing -    spend 30 minutes with me to enter this fascinating                      conversation and go away    with a deeper understanding to      why you are drawn to crystals £15

* Chakras, Chakras, Chakras - learn more about your Chakras,      tailored to your own level of experience, price from £15-30          depending upon your own requirements

* Hug a tree - Lets talk about keeping yourself grounded -            includes 30 minutes zoom/teams tuition £15

* Want to start or improve your Crystal collection but not sure      where to start..... let me show you the basics of where you          need to start and why, includes 60 minutes zoom/teams              tuition  £30