Lewis Ramoo
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Hi I'm Lewis

Having worked within multidisciplinary and fully integrated health clinics, specialising in the treatment of chronic musculoskeletal conditions and helping people with multiple chronic health conditions.


I work in 3 roles covering sports massage and soft tissue therapy, physical training and Pilates Instructor and back and strength conditioning coach. Some of the more common conditions assessed and treated on include: Back pain & neck pain (including headaches & sciatica)  Muscle & joint pain, Sports Injury, Postural problems including scoliosis, Post operative rehabilitation, Post operative joint replacement rehabilitation. 


All 3 roles cover sports therapy as an aspect of healthcare that covers rehabilitation and prevention of injury in order for the patient to gain optimum levels of functional, occupational and sport-specific fitness. Working alongside sports therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists, I work on Patient Care plans in the treatment of each client. With over 1000 hours of sports massage therapy treatments carried out, using different techniques to include deep tissue therapy, fire cupping, trigger point therapy and remedial sports massage, I have worked on a number of clients through different muscular and sports related injuries.


I have been able to work in clinics and provided treatments for pre and post sporting activities across the country.


Since leaving the Royal Air Force in 1996, I have continued to work as a physical training Instructor and back & strength conditioning coach for over 20 years.


By working closely with clients, I have worked to help rehabilitate and coach them back to their goals of fitness levels. I am able to provide Online coaching which has enabled me to continue to provide high levels of coaching and training for my current clients with the goal still set to improve overall fitness and mobility.

Feel free to email me here: Lewis@rugbysportsmassagetgerapy.co.uk


Rugby Sports Massage  -

1 Hour  £45

30 min  £30

offers Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Therapy, Fire Cupping, Soft Tissue Injury Therapy, Pilates and 121 PT Training. Sports Massage 30 mins or 1 hour session of Sports Massage to help with your MSK therapy to include different techniques of Deep tissue therapy, Fire cupping, Trigger point therapy and remedial Sports massage.


After your initial consultation, we will work out a plan to work on the areas of concern with the aim to improve flexibility and reduce muscle pain.


Fire Cupping

45 min  £40

Fire cupping, also known as cupping therapy, is a treatment technique that places glass, bamboo, or plastic jars on the skin to enhance circulation, relieve pain, and extract toxins from the body.


Pilates 121 or Couples Pilates

1 Hour £35

which will focus on strengthening the body in an even way, with particular emphasis on core strength to improve general fitness and wellbeing. A great way to improve back strength and flexibility, control, balance and increasing blood flow through breathing patterns and meditation.


Strength and Conditioning 121

or group coaching sessions based on specific goals set by you . We will set and plan a targeted session and look to increase fitness and strength, based on your long term goals.

121 or Group Meditation

Meditation - 45 mins - £35

Meditation with massage - 1 hour - £50

CALL: 07941 432194