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Mia Robinson

Reiki is a healing energy that is sent to your body by somebody, but once you receive the healing energy, you become your own body’s healer. (30).png

Hi I’m Mia, a Reiki therapist, a part of Wellbeing At With Complements. I completed my Reiki 1 n November 2022 and my Reiki 2 in April 2023! I have a natural psychic ability and a passion for energy & sound healing. I invite you into this sacred, relaxing space at the therapy centre to allow yourself some much needed you time and to connect you to your higher self in our Reiki healing sessions.  


Reiki is also a great tool for assisting with physical problems too. It helps relieves pain, speed up healing processes and improves the impact of medication. Before the sessions start, I use a Tibetan sound bowl, a powerful healing tool, to help you relax and clear your mind before the session begins. Each of my sessions also include at the end some feedback for anything I may have intuitively picked up from the reiki session. Tuning forks are an instrument which vibrate on high vibrational healing tone frequencies, which are placed on different places of your body to enhance healing.  


For those souls who are too far away from me, I offer you Distant Reiki healing. An effective method of sending healing from a separate location to the receiver.   I also offer distant healing to your beloved pets who may be distressed or ill. This way I can send the healing without causing any further distress to the animal. Since I was first trained with my Reiki 1 in 2022, I have been using my Reiki energy to heal myself and others since. I believe it has helped to improve my mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing tremendously. Before receiving any Reiki healing, I was suffering with anxiety, depression, PTSD and other psychological issues, which held me back from holding down jobs, being happy, keeping healthy relationships and really just living life.


Reiki is an amazing healing tool which has helped me to overcome lots of wounds, but I can’t say it was all just Reiki which changed my life. It truly was my willingness and determination to heal. I allowed myself to receive the healing energy, and chose to work with what came up during and after those sessions.


The healing energy keeps working with your body even after the session ends. We say that healers will not heal you, but they will give you the energy that your body can heal with, you, yourself are the true healer. If you can allow yourself to let go and breathe, just while you lie and receive the reiki healing, for however long your session, you are already being kind to yourself and healing.

For more information, enquires and bookings, please contact me on:

Instagram: @heartofvenusuk

Facebook: Heart Of Venus



  • Telephone Consultation                15 min FREE

  • Distance Reiki                            30 mins£15

  • Distance Reiki                                 1 hour  - £25

  • Reiki Session
    30 min - £20

  • Reiki Session

       1 Hour - £35

  • Reiki with Tuning Forks                      30 mins - £25

  • Reiki with Tuning Forks                   hour- £40 



Gift Card E-vouchers
A perfect idea for a Birthday or Christmas present for your friends and family” “available to purchase online as an e voucher.
To purchase the voucher please contact Mia on: 
Facebook messenger :
Heart Of Venus
Instagram @heartofvenusuk

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