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Hi, I’m Michael. I offer a range of services all designed around helping you become happier, healthier and the best possible version of you.

Meditation Teacher,  Massage Therapist and EFT Teacher

In searching for work that enabled me to help people I trained to become a massage therapist - something that was radically different from anything I had done before. Massage is something that I think all human beings could benefit from. It is more than just a luxury, it has profoundly health-giving qualities, and it is great to have a skill that can benefit other people so much. For me, massage embodies kindness - both in giving as a kindness to other people and in receiving, as a way of being kind to yourself. I perform Swedish body massage and I have dedicated my style to be deeply relaxing, therapeutic, and de-stressing. I have been told I have a natural gift for adapting pressure and often have clients falling asleep on the table!

I am also a qualified meditation teacher trained at the British School of Meditation. I hope to be running regular courses/classes to get you started in meditation as well as drop-in groups. I can offer 1-2-1 lessons as well as smaller groups if you do not want to attend a public course. I can offer these services to individuals, businesses, schools, councils, or anywhere that feels they could benefit from working in a happier, kinder environment. 


I have recently trained in Emotional Freedom Technique (otherwise known as tapping) This is an extremely powerful, yet easy to do, therapeutic technique which can be applied to virtually any issue from PTSD to insomnia and can often have immediate results.

Now I combine massage therapy, meditation, and EFT to help people become the best version of themselves.


Outside of work, I have a passion for astronomy, chess and virtually any form of exercise, I love to travel and experience new places and cultures, I am the eternal student, always looking for the next thing to learn.

Feel free to contact me here on my email: michael@pureturtle.co.uk


  • Swedish Massage

Full Body - £45 

Back and Shoulders - £30

Under 18's - £10 off normal pricing (With parental/guardian permission only, and parent must be present during treatment.)

NHS/Carers/Support Workers - 10% discount on all treatments. 


  • Meditation 

1-2-1 Lessons - £20 

Drop-in groups - £7 per session

Group lessons - Price arranged based on the number of students. 

Under 18 lessons/drop-in groups - £10 for 1-2-1 lessons, £5 for drop-in groups. 

NHS/Carers/Support Workers - 10% discount on all treatments.   


  • E.F.T (Tapping)

1-2-1 Lesson - £45

Group EFT sessions - £10

NHS/Carers/Support Workers - 10% discount on all treatments. 


Enhanced DBS 

Michael Scott DipBSoM

CALL: 07531 922856