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The Beginning...

We began our journey way back in 1997 as a family run business comprised of Ree and Su, Mother and Daughter in a partnership aimed at introducing the residents of Burton Latimer, Northamptonshire, UK to the Healing Power of Reiki Energy.

Ree and Su worked hard together and their efforts were successful proudly creating a beautiful space of peace and tranquillity which still has the same amazing feel and vibe to this very day.

After riding the many waves of change and keeping up with the vastly evolving times, we have now 3 beautiful treatment rooms in our 2 story premises – two upstairs and 0ne downstairs along with a communal room for all of our Spiritual Workshops and Events.

With Complements now consists of a great team of independent and dedicated therapists who offer many holistic therapies between them from …

Reiki, E.F.T. (Tapping), CBT and Counselling, & Crystal Healing

… to name a few

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