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Su Pinckney

As an Awakened Therapist I believe that all life gives us, is there for a reason we chose our paths before we came to live in the world

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Hello, I’m Su.

I began my journey with Reiki at first, by what I thought was coincidence… but I have since discovered and now firmly believe that there is no such thing…as coincidence.

I believe that all that life gives us is given to us for a reason, to help us along the journey we chose before we agreed to come into the world.

So how did With Complements start…

I was a single Mum back in the day before With Complements began and having learned Reiki, I had not long begun doing treatments at home, quite often simply just by exchanging energy and not money itself.

One of my regular visitors was an elderly lady, a lovely woman,  who used to always buy and bring sweets for my daughter, Apryl, who was young at the time. 

I used to love listening to her stories.

She was very good at reading tea leaves too as it happens, and this was another turning point for me in my journey and it planted a strong seed about divination that would eventually grow into a full blown passion for the art.

Now, by the time my Mum was due for retirement, she too had learned Reiki but she wasn’t quite ready to stop work just yet.

Then one day out of the blue, the idea to start our own business together came by chance whilst we were simply out shopping for a Hoover.

This idea changed our lives forever. We became very excited at the idea and discussed it as we walked around the shop.

By the time we had left the shop… the seed had been sown and by the end of that day in 1997 we found we had a plan in place, a will, and a strong will too, to start a business and With Complements began to grow.

So, my Mum and I rented two upstairs rooms in a local commercial building and this is where With Complements was born.

So, the then sleepy village of Burton Latimer woke up to a new business selling Crystals, Books, Home Furnishings and Clothing.

And we kept growing eventually moving into a bigger location, our current Therapy Centre still here in Burton Latimer, near Kettering in Northamptonshire, UK.

It was at this point of changing premises, that we decided to turn the whole business into a Complementary Therapy Centre with other therapists working independently and renting their own rooms in our building.

We do this still to this day. If you would like to rent a room for YOUR holistic healing/therapy business simply call me on 07557 300862 or send me, Su, a message here.

By renting out the rooms the way I did and still do, I could run more Spiritual Workshops and continue with my teaching on a more regular basis.

I love teaching.

In 2022 I made big changes, I finally started doing my YouTube meditations after 18 years, and I wrote a chapter for a collaboration book with 14 other women. Coming out for sale in October 2022 called Beautifully Broken. I am now getting into the swing of things being an author

I am as passionate today about my business as when I first started out over 27 years ago.

So, please do keep following us as Wellbeing at With Complements  as we continue to grow and grow, as we awaken to the Age of Aquarius alongside all the thousands of light workers because …

Together We Heal

Love and Light



Our Ancestors -+

Feel free to email me here:


  • Distance Reiki

  • Telephone Consultation
    15 min FREE

  • Reiki Session
    45 min - 1 hour £40

  • Multiple sessions
    3 Sessions £100

  • Psychic / Mediumship Reading
    45 min - 1 hour £30

  • Reiki Level One Teaching
    1 & 1/2 days  £200

    Manual & Certificate
    Violet Flame Attunement

    Maximum of 4 Students Per Class For Better Learning

  • Reiki Level Two Teaching
    1 day  £200

    Includes: Manual & Certificate

    Maximum of 4 Students Per Class For Better Learning

  • Reiki Level Three Masters Teaching
    1 day

    Includes Manual & Certificate
    One-To-One Teaching
    Price On Enquiry

  • Thai Foot Massage

       45 min - 1 Hour  £40

       Crystal Dreaming

       45 - 1 Hour  £70

  • One to One Meditation

       3/4 Hour   £25


Spiritual Development Workshops

Book your FREE 15 minute consultation with Su today
CALL: 07557 300862

Between 8AM - 8PM
7 Days a Week

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