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My Daughter is 11  years old and Home Educated, we have been crafting    various Paintings and Resin/Acrylic hand made bespoke pieces so she can  keep busy with her art and loves being creative and channelling. 

We both love designing and channelling into our art pieces with various symbols and colours that appear to us to use.

If you love our work please let us know and click the heart button on a piece you love.

These make a very special gift as hand made and bespoke and unique to you for your loved one!

Some here are for sale some are sold, but we still want to show you what we have done.

We will say if this bespoke piece is sold  at the end of the description. But do not worry, we can make how you want your hand made gift.

Custom    pieces in all   designs are   also   available.     Let us know your   colour choices.


We will also have some pieces in The Galleria  Shop in Kettering if you would like to go look, if not we are Happy to Ship out to you. 

New  pieces will be added once cured! So keep checking this page.

Belinda & TK!

Resin Care

Try to keep out of direct long exposure to sunlight. . Even though the resin is UV stable and resistant it is not proof, yellowing can still occur if left in the sun for long periods of time.  Wash surface lightly with soft (non-abrasive), damp cloth -use only warm water and a diluted, mild dish detergent. Pat dry and then let it air dry completely.  Never use abrasive washing products or harsh chemicals.


Epoxy resin is not suitable for hot food, use cold food only.

Do not put it in the dishwasher.

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