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Affiliate Disclosure



What Is An Affiliate?


An affiliate is a person or company who sells and promotes another person or company’s product or service in return for a commission of the sale price.

In English we promote other people’s products that we didn’t create but we believe in. We believe in them enough to recommend them to you.

When you buy anything we have promoted and recommended to you and bought it via a link on our website or any of our social media platforms, we are paid a commission by the owner of the product or service because we recommended you to them.

You don’t pay extra. 

You pay the same no matter how you land on the seller’s website.


This is a deal between us and the seller.

We recommend their products to you and they pay us a commission every time one of our website visitors buys from them via a link on our site.

We pick VERY carefully who we recommend to you. 


You are our family and we will not recommend anything that we would not use ourselves and genuinely believe with help you and be good for you.


You have our word on that. 


We wouldn’t associate ourselves with it if we did not believe in it.



Affiliate Marketing is one of the ways we will increase our income stream so we may grow our business and help more people in the real world.

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