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Reiki Wellbeing
Reiki Wellbeing

Why Choose Reiki?

The word Reiki refers to ‘Universal Life Energy’ and is one of the purest, most ancient forms of healing and is 100% SAFE, NATURAL and EFFECTIVE.

Reiki is not a complicated energy to grasp and use. A child can be initiated into Level One. 


Reiki can be used for healing yourself and also for healing others. It can help with pain, illness and disease.


Reiki is also very effective for balancing emotions and help with deep emotional release.


Reiki also will enhance other treatments, therapies and medicines.


Reiki is literally an energy that is pure and healing and can energise drinking water and other items we consume.


This is what people who bless their food are actually doing. Sending this Reiki energy into the food or drink before consumption.

Reiki is used every day without people realising it. Whenever we hurt our selves we instinctual put our hand on the injured part of our body and we instinctual send Reiki energy into the body to help sooth and repair the area. 


We also give Reiki to others without realising it.

What do we when our child hurts themselves. We hold or kiss the effected area, or rub it with the intend on making it better. We are actually sending Reiki energy into the child.


Reiki is very real and it’s purpose is for healing.

Reiki practioners have undergone a course of study and connection ending in attunement to the energy and have become masters at channeling this energy intentionally and effectively.


Reiki Healing is powerful, gentle, relaxing and totally safe and easy.


Give it a go and see for yourself, call one of our trained Reiki Healers today and schedule your appointment.

Our Reiki Practitioners are: Su, Emily, AprylBelinda

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing Crystals
Crystal Healing Crystals
Crystal Healing Crystals




Crystal Therapy is considered as the prehistoric art of laying-on-of stones. 

Stones, crystals and gems are laid on the body over the chakra points. 

Every chakra resonates to a certain color and the chakras align and mix with one another.

The main principle behind the need for crystal healing is that diseases take place when there is inequality between divine energy and a person. 

This light or divine energy is believed by most healers as the main groundwork of universal creation.

To understand more about crystal healing, our website will serves as your guide. 

From its basic principles to the underlying facts about crystals, you will know what all of them can do. 

So, keep coming back and learn how crystal healing will dramatically change your life.

Crystal Healing Defined

Crystal healing is a typical form of treatment that uses gemstones or crystals. 

The crystals are often placed on a certain area of the body called “chakras”. 

Chakra is a Hindu word, which means spiritual energy. 


According to various researches, there are seven fundamental energy centers in the human body. 

Some healers place identical color crystals as the color of the chakras on the individual to develop the flow of energy.


Crystals direct the energy flow to the person and bring balance to their energy. 

Generally, they are used to purify the person from negative or bad energy that is believed to cause severe disease.


Eliminating the bad spiritual energy reduces the severity of the physical ailment. 

These crystals are also used for mental, physical, spiritual and emotional healing. 

There really is a magnificent power to all Spiritual Healing and Crystal Healing is definitely something you want to try.


If you are local to us then give us a call and we can arrange an appointment to have you come in to our treatment center and begin your healing immediately.


If however you are not local then we definitely suggest finding a crystal healer near you.


Our goal with our business is to help the world heal not just our community.


So keep coming back no matter where in the world you are and learn all you need in order to begin your rise to both Spiritual Strength and Inner Peace.

Our Crystal Healing Practitioner is: Su & Helen

Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT Tapping
EFT Tapping
EFT Tapping



Feeling lost, negative or stuck in life? Struggling to deal with anxiety or simply want to feel more confident and joyful again?

With the foundation of my learning in Psychology and Counselling, I’m ideally placed to support you in your journey of self discovery. I use modern energy techniques like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or tapping to release those stuck emotions and to support you in finding your voice and inner joy again.

What can EFT be used for?

This is the question! Anything that has an emotional element to it can be helped by using tapping techniques. Some of the many things that tapping can help with:

● Stress

● Anxiety

● Grief

● Anger

● Overwhelm

● Lack of focus

● Sadness

● Low self-esteem

● Addictions

● Cravings

● Fear

● Phobias

● Feeling stuck

● Relationship issues

● Food disorders

● Negative thought patterns

● Boosting confidence

● Financial worries

● Weight gain

● Physical issues

● Pain

● Sleep issues

Our E.F.T. Practitioner is: Emily

EFT Tapping Wellbeing






Counseling treatment for emotional or mental issues should not be taken lightly.


If you realize you have a problem and need healing, you first will need to know what is bothering you.


Besides, you can’t just go to Plan B without completing Plan A.


With self-healing it doesn’t work that way.


You need to get to the base of your problem first.


A professional therapist is someone who will listen to what you are feeling and they are not there to judge.


They are there to listen to you talk and by doing this, you are self-identifying problems that always seem to surface.


What if you are in a deep pit in life where you simply cannot seek guidance from your inner self?


There are many people who go through severe life changing events and just cannot pick themselves up right away.


In this case, you will be on a faster track to inner healing if you work one on one with another person.

Communication Is The Key

Tell someone how you are feeling or what it is you want in life.


We recommend going to a therapist or counsellor for help.


Therapists, psychiatrists or counsellors aren’t for crazy people or those with mental issues.


They are here so you can identify what you are feeling and get to the bottom of the problem in your life.


Once you are able to put the pieces together, you can start to self-heal yourself.


Be sure to keep the communication with your therapist until you are fully comfortable with the idea of inner healing.


Another way to begin self-healing is to keep a log of everything you are going through.


Write down your habits and what you do each day.


More importantly, let your journal know how you are feeling.


If certain memories come up and you experience anger or happiness, write this down to.


Be as detailed as possible, keeping a rating of your mental and physical discomfort.


You can rate it from one to ten.


You may begin to see a pattern in your log.


Once you do, you are on the right track.


A log is meant to find out what habits can be bad for you, how certain people can affect you, and pinpointing what activities make you the most happy.


Ever heard of anything called progressive music relaxation?


This is where you listen to spiritual songs that will relax the body.


Start out by listening to sounds from the rainforests, chirping bird music, or peaceful ocean waves in the background.


You can find some of these types of music on YouTube and if you want to get your own CD, there are many available online.


For now though YouTube has plenty for you to choose from.


Just look for nature tracks.


These are some of the most basic techniques if you are not ready for meditation or other extreme ways to heal yourself.


If you local to us, you should definitely come along to one of our Mediation Evenings at our Burton Latimer Therapy & Treatment Centre.


Once everything goes back to ‘normal’ of course.


These are good ways to help yourself along the way but of course we recommend always talking to someone if needed.


Start with the basics and you will finally be able to move forward in life, conquering more tasks as you go along.


Rainy Campbell is our amazing in-house counsellor who has help so many people come through their difficulties. Her full name is Irena but as she says in her own bio…many of her clients like to call her Rainy.


See Rainy’s page by clicking this link


No matter where you are in the world  Rainy can help you via her Skype service.


See her page and give her a call. 


She can and will help you if you reach out…

Training Qualifications & Experience

·       Therapeutic counselling level 2 NCFE

·       Therapeutic counselling studies level 3 CPCAB

·       Advanced therapeutic counselling diploma level 4 CPCAB

·       Cruse bereavement counsellor

·       Equality and inclusion in health, social care or children’s settings. NCC

·       Management of drug misuse/harm reduction RCGP

·       Respect – Groups for men using intimate partner violence

·       Suicide prevention  RCGP

·       The Freedom programme

·       Child development / neglect Barnardo’s

·       Collaborative working –A whole family approach NCC

·       The effects of parental substance misuse NCC

·       Awareness of forced marriages NCC

·       Parental mental health NCC

·       Safeguarding children NCC

·       Self-harm and suicidal thoughts

·       Safeguarding everyone NCC


Rife Alternative Therapy

The Discovery of Rife Frequencies

In 1934, the University of Southern California appointed a Special Medical Research Committee to bring terminal cancer patients from Pasadena County Hospital to a San Diego lab and clinic for treatment. The team included doctors and pathologists assigned to examine cadavers and any patients still alive in 90 days.

After 90 days, the Committee found that 86.5% of the patients had been cured. The treatment was then adjusted and the remaining patients also responded within four weeks. The total recovery rate was 100%.

The man responsible was scientist Dr Royal Raymond Rife, and his invention – the Rife machine – was quickly buried by vested interests. However, you cannot kill an idea, and the Rife machine went underground and survived.

Understanding Rife

The easiest way to understand Rife and Spooky2 is to see it as a futuristic multi-function gun that can shoot different types of bullets, killing and soothing frequencies using Rife frequency generators. Frequencies are unique because they are made from invisible electromagnetic energy, not metal. Depending on the waveform that is used to shape how the bullet behaves, it can deliver multiple strikes to the targets in your body.

When you know the frequency of a particular pathogen, use a Spooky2 frequency generator to transmit the frequency into your body. It will then cause that pathogen to vibrate. Through the vibration, bad cells and parasites are shattered to pieces. During this process, you will get relieved from symptoms and become more energetic, just like a full battery charge.

For relieving pain and general health support, the theory is completely different and works on the principle of frequency entrainment. By transmitting the frequencies of a healthy organ or a robust immune system to yourself, your body will start looking much better within a few days.

Before we start, you may need to have the basic understanding about how rife works.

Nicola Tesla said if you wish to understand the Universe, then think of Energy, Frequency and Vibrating.

Everything has a vibrating frequency, which is called resonant frequency.

How does it work?

The theory, in plain English, can be explained using an analogy of an opera singer who uses her voice to shatter a crystal glass. The glass is vibrating at a certain frequency and when the opera singer sings at that particular frequency the glass shatters.

In the same way, each microorganism (fungi, bacteria, virus, parasite, amoeba, mold, etc.) has a unique and specific frequency (or vibrational rate). When you add MORE OF THIS SAME frequency to the microorganism, it cannot tolerate it and it bursts or dies. Rife resonators generate resonance waves that destroy harmful bacteria without doing any harm to the users.

The Golden Rule of Rifing

Any living thing that lives in or on you, that consumes your energy or resources, and that confers no benefit upon you in exchange, is a parasite. This includes insects, fungi, bacteria, and viruses.

It may surprise you to learn that, with the possible exception of viruses, all parasites themselves have parasites. Viruses and spirochetes can parasitize bacteria. Fungi can parasitize larger fungi.

They can also host viruses, bacteria, and insects.

And insects can harbour many different parasites internally and on the surface of their bodies.

Entirely understandably, insect infestation sufferers wish to be rid of their pests the moment they get their hands on a Rife system. I did this myself – and it brought me a world of nightmare and suffering.

When you kill hundreds of thousands of large parasites like mites (“large” by comparison with bacteria), you’re leaving all their internal and external parasites alive. When the insect bodies decompose, all those living fungi, bacteria, and viruses are released into your bloodstream.

And now you’re in big trouble. Since you’ve just killed their hosts of choice, you will have to take their place. You’ve just given your already-overburdened immune system a few million extra headaches to deal with. So the rule when rifing is this: Work from smallest to largest.


This can also be stated as:

Work from the inside to the outside, from the things contained to the container itself.

For instance, Morgellons and Lyme protocol is designed in order based on this rule. It takes account of pathogen dependencies and synergy, and is intended to tackle all problems in the most efficient way. The Terrain protocol which can help you get rid of excess toxins in your body is also included in Morgellons and Lyme protocol. After detoxing, this protocol would help you to kill pathogens step by step from smallest to largest.

This detox is for 11 days, can be run remotely with a sample of your DNA, which can be nail or hair posted.

If you proceed like this, you won’t end up in the awful trouble that many did, because when you finally get to kill your biggest parasites, you will already have killed everything they might have unleashed.

Belinda works from home up North near Manchester, get a free consultation, and let her help you with some alternative therapy.  You can discuss confidentially what your needs are, see her contact page for details.

Are you concerned about taking any Covid jabs?

Are you getting any of these symptoms?

headache, fatigue, tenderness, and flu-like symptoms with episodes of shivering and shaking for a day or two

Graphene Oxide what it can do to your body.

The Covid-19 vaccines have been forensically examined in the United Kingdom and a laboratory report confirms they contain graphene nanomaterials that can penetrate the body’s natural barriers and damage the central nervous system, and Graphene Oxide which can damage internal organs, destroy blood health, trigger cancer, and cause changes in gene function among a host of other ill effects.

See Belinda’s page by clicking this link

Rahanni Celestial Healing

Rahanni Celestial Healing is a wonderful healing modality of balance.  It is a 5th dimensional healing modality and works on the vibration of the heart chakra. It balances the male and female sides of ourselves and helps us to release negativity and fear from our heart centre.  This allows us to live our true essence. It is a powerful healing and has helped a lot of clients as well as practitioners move forward doing what they are meant to do by releasing the past.


“Come in with an open mind and leave with an open heart”



Rahanni is a hands on healing therapy which works on a high vibration. It balances the masculine and feminine aspects of every man, woman and child releasing our fears and any negative energy that we accumulate from our experiences. This allows us to live our true essence. It balances the male and female sides of ourselves and helps us to release negativity and fear from our heart centre. It is a powerful healing and has helped a lot of clients move forward doing what they are meant to do by releasing the past.


Everyone can benefit from Rahanni especially children as they are open to these higher energies. It has been known to benefit those children diagnosed with hyperactivity and ADD. Rahanni not only heals physical problems but works on an emotional level too. Rahanni needs to be experienced to be appreciated.


Many people find their attitude to life and its problems change for the better as a result of receiving Rahanni Celestial Healing. Your body will decide how much of the healing light is required. You do not have to believe for it to work, just a desire to receive and accept the energy.

See Helens page by clicking this link


Holistic Massage

If you’re struggling with a particular ailment or just want to improve your overall physical and mental health, consider a holistic massage.

Holistic massages are massages that use natural methods and go beyond the physical symptoms. Holistic comes from ‘holos’, the Greek word for whole, and holistic therapies try to positively affect our whole bodies.

We offer Aromatherapy - Back, Neck, Shoulders

Traditional Indian Head Massage

Hot Stones Massage

Meditative Massage

Rosemary Foot Soak with foot/leg Massage

See Helens page by clicking this link

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