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I Believe we are all here on Earth to help one another succeed in our Greatest Connections

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Hi, I'm Belinda, I am part of the Team here at With Complements, primarily running the online Spiritual Shop, for all your oils and smudge sticks, to jewellery and sarongs.

I am a very spiritual woman, who loves Photography, and I am just starting to dabble in canvas painting.

My daughter TK and I have completed with Su our training for Reiki 1 & the Violet Flame, of September 2021 and must say it was an incredible and emotional experience to say the least.  So, if you are up North i am in Lancashire and you need a Reiki Practitioner please call me to book up here!

I have now completed Reiki 2 on the 7th September 2022, and can send distance healing.

I also have 6 Rife machines, which resonates on frequency healing technology, Dr Rife in the 40's cured 19 cancer patients! This technology has been suppressed from us for decades and i have acquired this machine to help as many as i can.  I can run remotely, or by contact, it has over 60 thousand frequency for disease.  I have done many treatments with great success.  Check some of our reviews.

I am a mum to 3 children who are a lot like me, I am happily married, my husband is my best friend and my rock, we have 1 dog as we lost our little Millie-May, we love getting out into nature, we love the trees and forests and the connection to the outdoors that brings us closer to nature.

We have lots of great products to choose from and can be delivered direct to your door or you can ask at the shop.

If there is something you would like that is not featured on our Shop, then please message me and we can see if we can get that for you!

We also make Epoxy Resin handmade gifts - you will see some on the blog, if there is a specific thing or colour you'd like making please let us know we will be happy to see what we can do for you.  Click the Affiliate link and save 3% for the RIFE Machines

My YouTube channel 


also feel free to email me direct here:

or you can call or text or WhatsApp me here if you have any queries:

07511 366262

CALL: 07511 366262


  • Distance Reiki

  • Telephone Consultation
    15 min FREE

  • Reiki Session
    45 min - 1 hour £

  • Multiple sessions
    3 Sess
    ions £70

  • Rife Treatment

       Remote or Contact​ (if local to               Blackburn)

       Remote £25  3 Days [discounted                                            save £5]

                    £55  7 Days [discounted                                            save £15]

       Contact Starting from £35

       Multiple sessions available for             discount [if booked and paid in           advance]

Initial Terrain Protocol Detox of Heavy Metals is 1st priority. [Check treatments tab for more info] This is an 11 Day Detox Program run remotely (Sample of DNA is required)  £111

Vaccine Removal - £140 per vaccine. (Can book the whole sessions and pay for offer price in advance 10%)

14 day treatment via remote

Contact if close by 1hr £75

Spike Protein - £140 (14 days)

Graphene Oxide - £140 (14 days)

Individual needs of time can vary from 1 hour to 1 1/2 hour plus


Longer if cancer treating or acute illnesses or disease

15 minute free telephone consultation 

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