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Incense Resin 50g Tubs  


Guggal Resin


Burning our With Complements resin incense is a pleasant sensory experience, the fragrance of burning incense changes our emotions, perception, and moods.


A range of mysterious deep fragrances of myrrh, frankincense, amber, guggal or benzoin resins will transform every home with aromas of temples, churches, and ancient rites. The smoky fragrance produced by burning resin on charcoal disks is quite unique and amazingly evocative


All Incense Resins are sold in 50g tubs


The weights are approximate and may be 45-50g.


Burning Incense Resin: Light the charcoal and place it in your incense holder. Hold the charcoal with tongs. The charcoal will then self-ignite across the surface. When the charcoal starts to go grey around the edges this is the time to add resin.  


Often people add sand to incense holders to help absorb heat.


Mysterious fragrance that demand a closer look

Guggal Resin

  • Origin  India
    Net weight 0.072Kg /Tub
    Shipping weight 0.087Kg
    Materials / Ingredients Incense
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