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Beautiful Shell Soap and Smudge Stick Dish


Add a classy nautical feel to your customer's bathroom with these  Shell Soap Dishes that will bring that beautiful natural beach look to any bathroom.


The shells have been carefully selected for size with a natural drainage holes, hand polished and varnished to bring out the natural beauty of the mother of pearl.


This Shell Soap Dish is ideal for storing your soap to prevent sticky residue, keeping your surfaces tidy and clean to create the perfect seaside haven.


The natural holes on the Shell allow air to flow, helping to prevent moisture build-up in the dish and allows the air to circulate around the soap to keep it dry and last longer.


Please note, these shells are from fish farms and are selected from restaurants after use, not really vegan friendly but naturally beautiful. 



Can be also used as a Smudge Stick dish!

Natural Soap Dish/Smudge Stick Dish

  • Shipping weight 0.113Kg
    Dimensions 16x3x13 (cm), 0.624L, 0.24Kg/L
    Materials / Ingredients shell
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