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Orgonite Power Chakra Pendulums


Flower of Life


The magic and mystery of Orgonite, Pendulums and Seven Chakra come together in this lovely product.


Beautifully detailed these are handcrafted in the artisan town of Khambhat, India.   


Dowsing or radiesthesia is believed to date back over six thousand years. The Egyptians and ancient Chinese were early practitioners.


Ancient Wisdom Orgonite Gemstone dowsing can be performed in many ways and it is claimed for all sorts of purposes, such as finding water, minerals, missing people and even lost objects. It is also used in healing, reiki and divination.


What is a Dowsing Pendulum?

A dowsing pendulum is a crystal or rock that hangs from the end of a chain or string.


The traditional use of dowsing pendulums was for locating minerals, hidden water wells and any other objects that might be buried and hidden underneath the ground.


Now it’s a simple way to gain spiritual insight.


How Does a Dowsing Pendulum Work?

Do the answers we get using a pendulum the result of spirits, magic or psychic powers? 


I prefer to think that the way the pendulum works is through connecting people with their unconscious mind.


This is known as the Akashic Records.


When a question is asked the pendulum stimulates the unconscious mind to respond.  It does this by influencing nerve endings in our fingers without our conscious knowledge. This causes the pendulum to respond by the way that it swings. The body expresses the knowledge we possess internally, which we may not realize is in us.


How to Use a Dowsing Pendulum for Divination

The use of a dowsing pendulum is one of the easier methods of divination, which makes it suitable for most anyone to practice with. You certainly don’t have to be a psychic to use one. The following are some useful tips to help get you started.


Pick the Right Pendulum

Start by thinking about the type of crystal or material you want your pendulum to have. It might be your power stone. This is the stone that resonates the best in your life.


Cleansing the Pendulum

Once you have found a dowsing pendulum that feels right to you, you will have to clear any residual energy from it. You should cleanse your pendulum in the same manner that you would clear energy from a crystal.


  • Run it under hot or cold water or burying it in the ground for a day.
  • Place it outside and under the moonlight overnight
  • Light a smudge stick.


Once you feel that any energy has been cleared from the pendulum you will be able to use it.


Now you can Build a Relationship With Your Pendulum

It is fairly straightforward to build a relationship with your pendulum. Remember though that like all things worth pursuing, it can require commitment and a bit of time. You will first need to learn the ‘language’ of your pendulum and get your unconscious mind in tune with it.


To do this you will need to ask a few questions of it. You should take the following steps:


  • Have a few deep breaths. This will help to both center and ground you.
  • Ask it for support and guidance. Some people like saying a prayer to their soul (Higher Self) or their Spirit Guide to be sure that they get clear answers in the most objective way. If this doesn’t feel right you can search online for other ways that may work.
  • Ask some questions of your pendulum. You need to do this to determine what movements mean yes, no and maybe. Your pendulum may swing clockwise, counterclockwise, from side to side or forwards and backward. To better understand what the different directions mean, you can try either of these two methods to determine which one you like more.


The first way is to just tell the pendulum to show you a yes and then wait for it to move. Then you can proceed to ask it to show you a no and wait for movement.

Lastly, you can ask it show you a maybe and wait to see how it responds. Once this is done you should thank your pendulum, make note of the directions before going on with asking your questions.


The second way is asking the pendulum questions to establish objective responses.


One example would be in order to determine the direction your pendulum will swing if the answer is yes, you could ask questions with affirmative answers like “ Am I a man/woman?” and then take note of the way the pendulum swings.

Then ask questions where the answers would be no like “Are my parent’s alive?” and make note of how it responds. You must be sure to ask questions that have definitive, clear answers.


Any other movements can be taken to mean maybe.

Orgonite Power Chakra Pendulum - Flower of Life

SKU: OrgCP-08
  • Origin  India
    Net weight 0.02Kg /Pendulum
    Shipping weight 0.02Kg
    Materials / Ingredients Gemstones, Resins, Metals
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