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Indian Rune Sets in Pouches


Take a look at our amazing range of Rune Stones from Shop at With Complements.


Rune Stones are one of the mystical worlds true mysteries, nobody can be truly sure exactly where they came from and when. 


There are many theories on the subject but it is believed by some that they were first used any time from 2000BC to 100AD by tribes such as The Goths and other Germanic Tribes. 


Ancient rune stones were brought about by early Europeans about eighteen centuries ago for use in readings as well as artistic displays such as carvings and cave drawings.


Rune stones are actually an alphabet with each symbol representing something different but what’s unique about them is that they never became an actually spoken language like English. Instead runes are a spiritual language used by oracles to help those they read for come to a better understanding of what is going on around them and within their own minds.


Using the chart in the images above you can see each rune stone with its unique symbol as well as the names placed below them. Feel free to use this as a reference to all the rune stone meanings and their correlation to the symbolism on each of them. These are the sacred names of each of the stones.


A complete listing of Rune Stone Meanings with a little chart for reference anytime you need it whether for a personal reading you just had or if you are trying to learn to do rune stone readings yourself. No matter your reason is we hope this comes in handy for you.


Every Indian Rune Set include 25 stones: 24  with rune symbol and one without it.


You will rune the day you missed out on this.  

Runes Stone Set in Pouch - Bloodstone

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  • Now for each name itself they have their own meanings as well. Below is the breakdown of what each name of the runes stands for and with set it is a part of.

    Rune Stone Meanings: Freyr’s Aett

    • FEHU: Luck, Abundance, Wealth, Monetary Strength, Hope, Success, Happiness and Fertility. It can also represent the negative aspects of these if it comes up in the reverse such as Poverty, Greed and Injustice.
    • URUZ: Personal Potential, Health, Freedom, Understanding and Courage. In the reverse it represents Illness, Ignorance, Jealousy, Violence and Weaknesses.
    • THURISAZ: Will Power, Eroticism, Conflict and Defensiveness. Reversed it means Evil, Extreme Hatred, Dishonesty and Danger.
    • ANSUZ: Divine Inspiration, Spiritual Insight, and Blessings but in reverse stands for Vanity, Pettiness, Manipulation from Outsiders and Misunderstandings.
    • RAIDO: Personal Journeys, Evolving, Moving or Relocation and Life Changes. Reversed it means Personal Crisis, Irrationality, Death and Destruction.
    • KENAZ: Revelations, Deeper Knowledge and New Found Abilities. Reverse it means End of Relationships, Negative Exposure and Disease.
    • GEBO: Contracts, Gifts, Success in Personal Obligations. In reverse it symbolizes Opposition, Dependency, Greed and Bad Luck.
    • WUNJO: Enjoyment, Satisfaction, Companionship and Spiritual Glory. Reversed it is Loneliness, Solitude and Despair.


    Rune Stone Meanings: Heimdall’s Aett

    • HAGALAZ: Destruction, Shifts in the Unconscious, Trials and Tribulations. Reversed it means Catastrophe, Stagnation and Personal Power Loss.
    • NAUTHIZ: Innovation, Strength, Distress and Confusion. Reversed, Lacking Emotionally and Spiritually.
    • ISA: Grievances, Stress, Sadness and Personal Turmoil. In reverse, Stress, Mania, Betrayals and Deceit.
    • JERA: Success, Positive Changes or Challenges overcome. Reversed, Setbacks and Unexpected Barriers.
    • EIHWAZ: Reliability, Dependability and Will Power. Reversed, Anxiety, Confusion and Weaknesses.
    • PERTHRO: Mysteries, Psychic Abilities and Secrets Revealed. The reversal, Weakness, Personal Issues, Sadness and Addiction.
    • ALGIZ: Guardians, Protectiveness and Security. In reverse, a Warning, Danger and Uncertainty.
    • SOWILO: Honor, Health, Wellness and Successes. Reversed, Bad Decisions, Loss of Business or Job, Injustice and the Wrath of Divinity.

    Rune Stone Meanings: Tyr’s Aett

    • TIWAZ: Rational Thoughts, Governance, Leadership and Authority. Reversed, Lack of Passion, Laziness and Disillusion.
    • BERKANO: Fertility, Birth and Growth. The reversal, Relationship Troubles, Family Issues and Argumentative Environments.
    • EHWAZ: Movement, Travel, Long Distance Moves and Transportation. Reversed, Restlessness, Eagerness and Powerful Motivation.
    • MANNAZ: Temperament and Shifts in Personality. The reversal, Depression, Loss of Visions and Loss of Hope.
    • LAGUZ: Healing Powers, Fertility and Love in Luck. Reversed, Social Anxiety, Depression, Fear and Sickness.
    • INGWAZ: Love, Harmonious Relationships, Family Life and Male Fertility. In reverse, Lack of Passion, Infertility and Impotence.
    • DAGAZ: Clarity and Personal Awakenings.
    • OTHALA: Growth in Finances, Purchasing of a Home, Moving, Growth in Values and Inheritances. The reversal, Financial Losses, Poverty, Homelessness and Bad Karma.


    There you have it!

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