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Ancient Wisdom Fragrance Oils especially for Shop at With Complements


Many will judge us on the quality of our fragrance oils - so it is important to list good quality oils.  


Ideal for oil burners, fragrancing potpourri, scented stones or even the simmering granules that need a top up!


The uses are endless.


Highly rated by our customers, and you will come back for more, this product has a high repeat order. 


These 10ml Fragrance Oils are not pure, in common with all fragrance oils they are diluted in DPG. But If you prefer or need to use pure oils then visit our 500ml Fragrance oils.


Ideal if you are making fragrance items.




Enjoy your Shopping!

Night Magic Fragrance Oil

  • Origin  United Kingdom
    Net weight 0.04Kg /bottle
    Shipping weight 0.04Kg
    Dimensions 60x24 (mm
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